The project consists of three parts, each shot in one of three cities: Moscow, Kaliningrad, and Vienna. These cities are where the author has lived for an extended period. The photographs in the project serve as mnemonic tools used by the author to remember the spaces that induced an affective state in him. There are three such spaces.

In Moscow, it is the faceless districts of new construction on the outskirts, forming endless mazes of high-rises stretching to the horizon. These areas lack individuality, making it almost impossible to distinguish one place from another. To map this space, the author visited various districts, collected items that randomly crossed his path, and then crafted sculptures from them. These sculptures served as a map of his movements, creating a personal monument for each of these experiences.

In Kaliningrad, the defining space is the non-touristic coastline, located away from resort seaside cities. It forms a line of sand along the sea with a very similar landscape. The author gathered items washed ashore by the sea and performed a similar ritual of creating sculptures, each related to different sections of the coastline.

Vienna, on the other hand, is a city where flea markets became the working space for the author. The city is saturated with material history and items from the past. Antiques are piled up in heaps at the markets, having a history but losing their individual stories. Reassembling these items into sculptures provides an opportunity to tell a new story about the city and leave it in memory.